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Concerts attended:
✓ Lee Minwoo - M+TEN Tour in Seoul
✓ Block B - BLOCKBUSTER in seoul

we must be broken


look at harvey

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oh my god every single sistar video gets better and better

they make my ideal videos. Girls who act like genuine friends mess around and act stupid together while also being INCREDIBLY SEXY IN A NON FORCED WAY like this video is like every single sleepover I’ve ever dreamed of

if this video doesn’t immediately make you wanna get your closest friends, go out and buy a shit ton of food, drive around singing as loud as possible, sneak into a pool to swim, then lounge around wearing no pants you’re a god damn liar

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if i ever stop reblogging this assume I am dead

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i wish this post never ended.

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my iv puncture from last thursday is swelling and bruising like crazy and i have no ice so im using frozen butter and my hand now smells like just lukewarm butter

When I was younger I was playing with tyler posey in my uncle’s backyard and I thought he was a cool kid so I pushed him down the slide and that’s my only brush with fame